Girl’s Senior Night


J.T. Muller

On Tuesday September 26, 2022 the Pottsgrove Tennis Team beat the Norristown Eagles 5-4 at their senior night. The seniors on the team, Vanessa Latshaw, Sydney Kothe, Damaris Hairston, Bella Nagy, Vianna Le, Abby Mcdonald, Nyae Mason, Rebecca Hoffman, and Bree Kennedy. I interviewed the general managers, Curran Antonio and Trevor Noll, and not being familiar with the sport of tennis they taught me everything I needed to know. The first event before the game started was introductions, where each of the players going against each other would introduce themselves. Afterwards, the players would head out to their tennis courts and start their games. Once the game started I asked Curran how scoring works and he said that basically the first person to win 6 points would take the game and the school who won the most games would win. Pottsgrove only lost 1! Whilst I was watching the game, I asked Curran what makes Pottsgrove Tennis so good and he responded that the coaches have a lot of experience and the school district has an environment of natural athleticism with players that also play other sports. He also replied that with physical activities such as short sprints and raw game experience he has seen a serious improvement in the tennis team since the start of the season. By the end of all the games I asked Curran if there were any notable games and he responded that Abby Mcdonald was very consistent and played very well. He also added two other games that did very well saying that Vianna Le’s game was very skillful using plenty of spatial awareness and trying for every ball which won her the game and finally he said that Bella Nagy and Vannessa Latshaw did very well saying that they have improved working together but more importantly he has seen a significant improvement in the both of them. After I was taught how the game works I became very interested in the sport and I hope the Girls Tennis Team has a great future.