Colonial Gardens


Haley Trump

As the leaves fall and summer is coming to an end, you know it’s that time of year. The fall colorful leaves, the pumpkins, the corn mazes, and if you like scary things, haunted hayrides. Where could you go to see and do all these amazing things…Colonial Gardens! Colonial Gardens is located in Phoenixville, Pa and has been around for over 40 years! Every year there are events that you can do or decorations you may buy for this beautiful season.


 If you have little kids that are two years of age or younger they are free to get into any events, as long as there’s a paid adult. Some events that they have for younger kids are pumpkin picking, daytime hayride, childrens night hayride (which is a mild scare), and mazes including Cornstalk Maze, Halloween Funhouse, and Caspers Castle! If you are looking to get scared and want to scream, there is the Haunted Hayride and the Haunted Hedge Maze. These events are not recommended for the ages eight and younger. Luckily these events are happening very soon and you should try them out! The first event happening is pumpkin picking, which is every day from September 17th through October 31st. Be the first to get The Great Pumpkin!