Shea Reisman

Friday, September 30th, Smile will be released in theaters across the country. This movie is directed by Parker Finn, who has little experience making movies. Rob Morgan will be starring in this movie, who is known for his role “Abe” in Bull. This movie follows Dr. Rose Cotter, when she has a bizarre encounter with a patient, she begins to experience terrifying events that she can’t explain. Rose is forced to confront her past to escape this new horrific reality. This movie was rated 76% by Rotten Tomatoes, while their average rating is only about 62%. 


“Smile” isn’t your typical horror movie, what makes it special is the marketing strategy that is being used. If you watch Major League Baseball, you may notice some creepy fans sitting behind home plate. They wear bright shirts with the word “SMILE” written across the chest, and smile into the camera for just about the entirety of the game. Marketing can cost millions of dollars, so this strategy is cheaper, yet catching the attention of millions of people on social media, not to mention athletes too. There’s no doubt that these actors are being paid well, and the marketing is seemingly working.