The Death of The Queen

Ryan Stoy

Queen Elizabeth, the queen who has lived through so many events and periods, has died. From 1952 to the time of her death Queen Elizabeth ruled England, and she became a rock for the people of the nation. Her loss will surely leave a hole in the hearts of all of her constituents. With the Queen dead, most of national life has come to a halt as the nation mourns.


This is important to our country, as this is the changing of nation leaders, which could affect relations or discussions with England. How will our president interact with the new king? How will the new king interact with neighboring nations? And how will those relationships affect us? These are all important questions we must ask ourselves.While this may not directly affect the people of the United States, we must recognize how influential the Queen was. Her loss has left a hole in the heart of man, one that will never be filled. She will be forever missed.