Elvis: His Legacy

J.T. Muller

Most of you know him simply as Elvis and you may know him simply for his music but do you really know what happened behind the curtains? Elvis and his family lived a rough life, going through his twin brother’s loss at birth and his father being in prison. Elvis Presley was raised by his mother Gladys Presley. He had much trouble early on in his career dealing with censorship anywhere from parents of fans to government officials but he always fought back with retaliation for his dancing and singing.

Elvis went overseas during the Vietnam War, but because he was the only son in the family he was sent to Germany. Afterwards, he came back during the Civil Rights Movement. In fact he helped organize the march in Washington D.C. to protest against segregation where Martin Luther King Jr. performed his famous speech “I Have A Dream”. Elvis went on to perform multiple shows throughout the rest of his years including one notable performance in Hawaii which was considered one of a kind because it was the first concert that could literally be heard around the world through satellite.

Elvis passed away on August 16, 1977 at his Graceland home where everyone around the world was in a total shock. Now 45 years later, people still listen to him! Recently there was a “Elvis” movie that came out that had Austin Butler and Tom Hanks as Elvis and The Colonel. After the movie was released the box office made 277.8 million dollars!Which just goes to show that Elvis will always stand the test of time and be remembered as one of the greatest singers to ever live.