Pottsgrove vs. Norristown


J.T. Muller

On Friday September 9th the Pottsgrove Falcons Football Team went away to the Norristown Eagles, everyone at Pottsgrove was expecting a huge win. Starting from the 1st quarter, the score 7-7, then Pottsgrove seemed to get the upper hand in the second quarter with a 13-7 lead. However the Norristown Eagles didn’t back down from this and wound up getting a touchdown in that same quarter putting the score at 14-13. Then the halftime came around and I got up and checked out the stadium and I must say that there was a wide variety of snacks to choose from such as churros, chicken sandwiches, and burgers. After half time, the 3rd quarter came around with both teams refreshed and ready for the next half, the Falcons got pushed back and throughout the 3rd into the 4th quarter. The Norristown Eagles scored 20-13 and the falcons had one last chance with 3 minutes left. They made their last push making it to the goal line even and both sides were tense. Whatever happened there could tie the game and lead to a one to one battle in overtime. However, after several failed attempts at running the ball we lost it and Norristown won the game.