Marching Band Wins the First Competition of the Year!


Justin Strichik

The marching band at Pottsgrove High School is full of dedicated and talented students. Over the summer, the marching band practiced for 6 hours every weekday for 2 weeks. Now, the band members practice every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours, and they perform at every football game in order to prepare for their competitions.The marching band is dedicated to putting on great performances with as little error as possible.


The amount of time the students put into marching band shows that they are dedicated and that they put in as much effort as they can. The marching band is a huge commitment for the students, so they make sure that all their time and effort pays off. When the time comes to perform, they give it their all and play their best. Their practice paid off already, because the marching band won their first competition on Saturday, September 10th. Including winning overall, they also won awards for High Percussion and High Auxiliary.


The competition this week brought with it many challenges. For starters, the electric bass player had to get a new bass to play the same day as the competition. On top of that, the pit had trouble figuring out how they should set up and orient themselves. Despite the problems they faced, the Pottsgrove marching band still came out on top and won. After the competition, Addie Fulmer Sicher, the drum major, said, “The win was unexpected yet thrilling.” Our marching band persevered and tried their hardest to win, and even though they had setbacks, they managed to get their first win of the year. Louis Marstellar, the piano player, was confident in their ability to win and said, “We had a great performance that reflected all the hard work we’ve been putting in.” The marching band’s motto is “Passion, Grit, Skill, Discipline.” They stick to this motto and sink so much of their time into marching band, and it shows. This was the first win for the marching band this year, and many more wins are expected to come.