Starmites Interviews


Ryan Stoy

Students from both Pottstown and Pottsgrove came together on August 4-6, at Pottsgrove High School to produce the musical Starmites. Starmites is the story of a young comic lover, Eleanor, and what happens when she is put into the world of her favorite comic book. We got the opportunity to ask a few questions from Pottsgrove students that were part of the play, Nicole Lockey and Ethan Chambers.


What was your favorite scene from Starmites?


Ethan: My favorite scene from Starmites is when we, the starmites, get captured by the banshees and are threatened to be served as dinner to the Queen Diva as she sings her song “Diva”.

Nicole: My favorite scene from Starmites is the very last one, where Bizarbara sings with her real mother, the mother on earth.


How would you describe the production of Starmites?


Ethan: I love this production of Starmites. sure we had our ups and downs, but by the end of the day we all worked together to put on such an amazing show with such amazingly talented people. I love every single one of those people in that cast and would trade anything to go back and do it all over again.

Nicole: I would describe the production as a really unique experience because of the show we chose, and overall just really really fun. It was a good way to spend my summer.


After performing in Starmites, which musical would you like to do next?


Ethan: I’d love to do Mamma Mia next. It’s a more mature show so I would hope it attracts a wider audience. Also the music and plot itself are just so amazing and fun.

Nicole: I would love to do Mamma Mia, Sweeney Todd, or another show most people don’t know because it provides a unique experience.