The Recent Highs and Lows of the Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey Team


Mackenzie Gray

Pottsgrove High School’s girls’ varsity field hockey team has experienced major wins and losses in only a short period of time, keeping their viewers on their toes. The girls started their season off with a 10-2 win against Tulpehocken Jr/Sr High School on August 27, 2022. Ally Hakes (junior) scored four goals and had one assist. Mailei Schechterly (senior) and Charissa Yerger (junior) both put two points on the board for the team and both also had one assist. Cece Burg (senior) and Avery Steube (freshman) both scored one goal, however, Burg helped make the other goals possible by racking up three assists. Ava Sibley (senior) was the only other person who had an assist. The field hockey team also beat Chichester Senior High School on August 31 with another score of 10-2. Burg had three goals, while Riley Kalejta (senior), Steube, Yerger, Hakes, Katie Raggazino (junior), Savannah VanHorn (sophomore), and Sibley all had one goal. Steube had three assists in this game and the rest of the goals were unassisted. After these big wins, the girls faced three tough losses. On September 1, the girls lost 2-5 against Marple Newtown Highschool. Hakes and Schechterly both put one point on the board and both girls’ goals were assisted by Burg. Another tough loss occurred on September 6 when the team played Upper Merion Area. The final score was 2-3. Kalejta and Yerger both had one goal, while Schechterly and Hakes both had one assist. Before the girls’ win against Pottstown, they also lost 0-5 to Pope John Paul II High School. The girls got back on track on September 9 with a 6-0 win against Pottstown. Kalejta, Burg, Sibley, Jaina Strunk (sophomore), Schechterly, and Averie Faison (freshman) each racked up one goal to lead the lady falcons to victory. Sibley, Schechterly, and Steube all had one assist, while the other goals were unassisted. The girls’ varsity field hockey team started the season off with two wins, climbed into a three-game losing streak, but dug themselves out of their deficit to secure a win against Pottstown. 

The girls’ varsity field hockey team fought during all of their games, which gained them praise from their coach, Mrs. Sproule. When asked about her current thoughts on the season, Coach Sproule stated, “We may have a small team this year, but the effort the players have shown is mighty. The players are really supportive of each other, and I appreciate the great attitudes and work ethic. So many of the girls are willing to play wherever they are needed, and many girls are stepping up and playing for both JV and varsity. I look forward to the rest of the season and hope their positivity earns them lots of success.”  Katie Raggazino, who is the goalie for the JV field hockey team, but also plays on defense for varsity, also spoke highly of the team when she was asked for her opinion on how the season has been going so far. She said, “We are playing great and our chemistry keeps getting better after every game. I feel like everyone works great together and I can’t wait to see how this season goes!” Katie and Coach Sproule both commented on how the girls all get along and work well together, which demonstrates the positive atmosphere that the team creates during practices and games.

To experience this positive atmosphere, come to one of the varsity field hockey games! Click here for the team’s schedule. Any and all viewers are appreciated by the coaches and players.