Join Falcon Friends!


Bella Nagy

With all the clubs and activities, it’s easy to overlook some of the fun opportunities offered here. Falcon Friends is one of the great clubs here at the high school! It involves little to no after school commitment and it’s a fun way to make friends. Falcon Friends is a club that pairs up regular education students with special education students during their study halls or for service learning. Falcon friends also have the option to attend a monthly outing to a variety of places with the students to help out and continue building friendships. The advisor of the club, Ms. DeStefano stated, “It’s super important to build friendships with all types of people, and continue them outside the building, as well.” I also talked to some of the kids within the club and Quintin Hazel talked about how happy it makes him and how “falcon friends make him feel included.” It’s a fun club to be a part of and personally, I’ve made many new friends through this club and it honestly helped me come out of my shell. If you are interested in joining Falcon Friends, you can apply using the form below!