Typical Day for a Pottsgrove Athlete


Ben Drago

According to the PIAA rankings and schedule, the boys lacrosse team holds a 3-6 record and they are currently 7th in the PAC 10. Despite the team’s current 6 game losing streak, attack Dylan Batche brings passion and fire to every game and practice. On April 19, 2022, I followed him around for a day in the life of a Pottsgrove Boys Lacrosse Athlete. He currently starts on varsity and he has been playing since middle school. Waking up at 6:30 on April 19, Dylan began by showering and getting breakfast. His protein rich diet consisted of scrambled eggs along with a full bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. After breakfast we went to school. His schedule was packed full with Honors and AP courses. In many of these classes were the teammates that he would be playing with later in the day. They would discuss their predictions for the outcome of the game and who would score. He says, “I love the community that the lacrosse team brings me, win or lose, I know my teammates always have my back.” During my time with him I discovered the dedication that each player has to the success of the team. 

After school it was time to prepare for the opponent. The game started at 3:45, so players were required to be back at school by 2:50. It was an away game so the players were bussed to Phoenixville. Despite the pouring rain, the team prevailed, beating the Phoenixville Phantoms 8-2. The team celebrated but also acknowledged the improvements to be made for the future games. Post-game, Dylan says, “This is one of the first games where I feel like we worked as a team and our offense and defense were operating evenly.” After the successful game, Dylan got home around 7pm and worked on some homework. He finally finished the day relaxing and preparing for the next day!