Why class outside is so beneficial?


Carlee Dattilo

Spring is here! Warm weather is so exciting after a long cold winter being trapped inside, and something some students look forward to is more outside time with peers at school. It feels great to walk outside into the fresh air and be able to focus more on getting school work done. I got to talk to some students here at Pottsgrove and see what they think about having classes outside. “I think it’s a really nice change of scenery for once to go outside for class.” says junior, Jesse Suny. Sitting inside the same classroom everyday can be extremely dragging, and bring forth a lack of motivation. “I think that going outside for class is a great incentive for students, and I know it personally makes me more excited to come to class and honestly makes me focus more on the work we are getting done.” says senior, Olivia Shuster. In school, we have started replacing everything that used to be used, like books and paper, with electronics, like our laptops. When we go outside, we leave our laptops inside, letting us have some time away from the technology that we have to stare at all day and actually talk to one another in person. Sometimes, going outside can also help teachers to create a more hands-on learning environment and an interactive lesson on what is being taught, which could really help the students to understand the lesson more and do better on upcoming tests and quizzes. So next time you go to school and it’s a beautiful day outside, try asking your teacher if your class could go outside for the day, and even try bringing up some of these points or points of your own to help them better understand why students want to go outside.