Pottsgrove Color Day


Grace Novitski

April 29, 2022 is the official day for color day! Color day is a day where students get to play games, dress up, and have fun. It’s almost like a field day, but instead of ribbons, you get points to your grade. The grade with the most points wins overall. Each grade has a theme, this year being, Freshman Far From Home, Sophomore Shield, Junior Justice League, and Senior Supervillians. 

Ben Drago, a junior at PGHS says, “It’s a really exciting event that happens every year. Juniors will definitely take the lead. We need to beat the sophomores. Freshmen are gonna get fourth.” Last year seniors won, eight points behind were the sophomores, third place was juniors, and last place was the Freshman. 

Ella Smith, a sophomore at PGHS says, “I love color day, my freshman year was outside. I think it’s one of the funnest spirit days.” Last year with Covid, color day was obviously a bit different, but it never takes the fun away. 

I can’t wait to see how everyone dresses up. Let the best grade win!