New York Hitman

Ashley Castillo

In the early 1990s, Dominic Taddeo pleaded guilty to crimes such as drug conspiracy, weapon offenses, corruption, and more. In January 1992, he pleaded guilty to shooting three people, resulting in their death. He also tried shooting a mob leader twice and targeted another mob figure. He later confessed that an organization called “La Cosa Nuestra” located in Rochester, New York, paid him to murder the people they requested. According to the FBI, La Cosa Nostra, also known as the mafia, has been operating in New York since the 1920s. In April of 1992, late Judge, Michael A. Telesca, gave Taddeo a sentence of 24 years in prison, which he had to serve right after the 30 years he was already serving due to jumping bail, drug conspiracy, and possession of illegal weapons. In December of 2020, Taddeo filed a motion for compassionate release due to Covid-19, which was denied by a judge because of his long criminal record and serious crimes.

Dominic Taddeo (64) was arrested again on Monday April 4, after he was found by US Marshals in Southern Florida. Taddeo was captured a week after he escaped from federal custody. According to CNN Taddeo was apprehended at 11 AM. Officials state that in February he was moved from a medium security prison in Sumter County, Florida, to a halfway house near Orlando and was set to be there until February 2023. Taddeo didn’t return from an authorized medical appointment on March 28th, resulting in him being set on escape status. This last escape was not the first time that Taddeo had been on the run, in 1987, he vanished while out on bail for federal weapon charges and after two years was found again. After escaping, Dominic Taddeo has finally been captured again.