USA Women’s National Team Lawsuit

Mykala Shupard

The USA Women’s soccer team has finally done it, after six long years, the US Women’s National team filed a class action lawsuit against the US soccer federation in 2016 saying, the women’s team members were paid thousands of dollars less than men at nearly every level of competition. The members of the world cup-winning United States women’s soccer and their bosses arguing about equal treatment for the female players. They argued about whether they deserved the same charter flights as the men’s team, and the definition of what the constituted equal pay for what this is. 


   The Women’s soccer team has been working very hard to accomplish this milestone in their careers, so far the team has achieved four World Cups, four Olympic gold medals, and eight CONCACAF gold medals. The Men’s team has made sixteen appearances in the Olympics but have yet to win. Now finally they are getting paid equally if not more then the men for their achievements, and after their soccer career they will get two million dollars post-career.