Mrs. Bedard: A Flashback Into Her Career

Adriana Kennedy

   We all know her as our gym and health teacher, coach, or even a colleague in the Pottsgrove High School, but there is so much more behind all of that in which we don’t really know too much about. After interviewing Mrs. Bedard, we learned a lot about her past experiences with coaching softball for the school and even her own playing experience!

   She started off by playing softball at a very young age, in which she described it as “Very fun and challenging” which is what made her stick with softball. Mrs. Bedard stated, “I enjoyed the challenge of an at-bat or a play in the field. I love the game, and I love being able to play with my friends.”  So Mrs. Bedard stuck with softball all throughout her school career, she played college softball for West Chester University where she had made some very 

memorable  accomplishments. She played in the infield throughout her entire softball career. During her years playing in college, she says “During my senior year, our team at West Chester went to the NCAA Division II Softball Championships in Salem, Virginia for the first time in school history. That was such a great experience to have with my team.” 

   As for her experience coaching for the Pottsgrove High school Softball team, there’s a few things she notices and looks for in an athlete as well as some memorable things that have happened during the time that she’s been coaching here. When asking what she looks for most in an athlete, her response was, “Qualities I look for in a softball player are hustle, discipline, respect, coachability, and urgency.” Pottsgrove softball is said to have had very good past seasons which created a lot of fun memories along the way. Mrs. Bedard says, “One of the most fun things about coaching is connecting with the players and challenging them to become better athletes and people every day. It is fun to see the students outside of the classroom participating in an activity they love.” 

   Mrs. Bedard is a great person, coach, teacher, wife, and daughter, there are many traits beyond all of those with some great stories to go along with it all!