LGBTQ+ Community Push Back Against Republican Legislature

Mercedes Maldonado

As our nation grows, so does our community. Everyday, the LGBTQ+ community grows as does their rights. However, there are many anti-LGBTQ+ bills being passed by Republican legislatures nationwide. The LGBTQ+ community is still being discriminated against, yet they are still pushing and fighting for their rights. Unfortunately, the transgender community is one of the communities in particular having to deal with the most fighting.  

   According to ABC News journalist Kiara Alfonseca, a big part of the LGBTQ+ community are being called conservatives against discrimination. This group has been fighting against discrimination against the trans group of the LGBTQ+ community. These conservatives are pushing Congress to pass federal nondiscrimination protections. There are bills restricting gender-affirming care for transgender youth. Across the country, Republicans have introduced bills stopping transgender women from participating in school sports, trans bathroom use, along with bills limiting discussions of LGBTQ+ books and curriculum in schools across the nation. 

   There are now 250 anti-LGBTQ bills in at least 37 states now. However, the conservative group is not budging and refuses to give up. They have shot down some of these bills and have put more on hold. In Idaho, the Republican Senate majority killed bill HB 675 which would’ve banned gender-affirming health care for the trans youth. In Arizona, Several anti-trans bills have been stalled or killed. Since January, a bill that would force the transgender community to use the bathrooms that aligned with their birth sex has been stalled and continues to be stalled. 

   In February, legislation to block state identification from using nonbinary gender markers failed after Arizona state House Speaker, Russell Bowers voted against it. In Utah, Republican Governor, Spencer Cox has expressed his plan to veto a ban against transgender women’s participation in sports that align with their gender identity.

   There are many fights the LGBTQ+ community are facing, however, the transgender community is currently being heavily targeted. The LGBTQ+ community refuses to go down without a fight and refuses to let their rights be swiped from under their feet. 

   “These actions by state lawmakers also exacerbate the already inadequate, inefficient and confusing patchwork of nondiscrimination laws which presents challenges to American businesses,” Conservatives Against Discrimination said.