Zöe Kravitz vs. Will Smith

Jotella Opokwu

What if I were to tell you that Zöe Kravitz & Will Smith are having an argument based on Will Smith slapping comedian, Chris Rock, at the Oscars? Well, that’s what is currently happening.

Taken place on March 29, 2022, Zöe Kravitz had posted very interesting posts on Instagram. The first post showcases her wearing a pink dress that she had worn to the Oscars, an award show. The caption underneath the photo states, “Here’s a picture of my dress at the award show where we are apparently assaulting people on stage now.” The most recent post shows her wearing a white dress with the caption stating “And here us a picture of my dress at the party after the award show – where we are apparently screaming profanities and assaulting people on stage now.” If you are aware of the events that took place at the Oscars 2022, you probably are aware that Will Smith had gone on stage and slapped Chris Rock across his face, after making an insensitive joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair since she has alopecia. A majority of people are very confused about why this joke was even made based on the fact that Chris Rock had made a documentary in 2009 about the importance of black hair. Overall, you can get an overall idea of who the caption was mainly directed to. 

On the other hand, you wouldn’t have thought that her specifically talking about the events that took place on that day, would backfire, and have the internet completely going against her back. A couple of viral tweets on Twitter begin to point out Kravitz’s past actions. One tweet by a user, korysverse, states that “Zoe Kravitz being weird as hell and we’d genuinely have no idea if it wasn’t for that Instagram post.” This specific tweet is talking about her & Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son. At the time when he was 14, she has stated numerous times that “There were moments that I was hanging out with Jaden, I have to check myself, like what I say to you.” As you can see, she has had very disturbing actions that she has done. Another example of her past actions is another tweet, by user 1minajesty, stating that “Zöe Kravitz being friends with a literal abuser yet saying Will Smith was wrong is hilarious. Industry in a nutshell.” The specific friend being talked about is Alexander Wang, a fashion designer, who was accused of SA. Many people are clearly showing their outrage at how Zöe even had the right to state things about what happened at the Oscars while having many accusations against her. Let’s just see how Will Smith will respond to these remarks made by Zöe.