Logan Godshall

There is a whole list of movies that were first video games that have been turned into movies. Some examples are Sonic, Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, and many others! On February 18, we got a new one. Uncharted is a well known video game that first came out in 2007 with the very first one being “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune”. The most recent release of this franchise was released January 28 of this year. There have been a number of releases in the franchise after that. But now we have a movie. The video game is simply following a treasure hunter named Nathan Drake who explores all over the world to find treasure and discover historical mysteries. 

In the movie, beloved actor, Tom Holland, plays Nathan drake. Tom is well known for his role as Peter Parker, also known as Spiderman in the Marvel franchise. Right by his side is Mark Wahlberg who plays the role of Victor Sullivan, a treasure hunter who seeks potential in Nathan. As well as them, the movie also introduces Sophia Taylor Ali who is well known from the 2018 movie, Truth or Dare. Her character, Chloe, definitely makes Nathan and Sully’s mission difficult. Tati Gabrielle who plays Braddock has been well known playing parts in shows like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and YOU. Her character makes their whole journey very interesting and full of challenges. The movie also stars Antonio Banderas who has been known in the movies Deserado and Interview With The Vampire. He plays Santiago as he is leading Braddock trying to bring down Nathan and Sully. They even had a little part including Rudy Pankow from Outer Banks. Rudy played the role of Sam, Nathan’s older brother. They both went through so much together and apart. In Uncharted, Mark’s character is a treasure hunter who calls upon Tom Holland’s character to help him in a mission to uncover 500 year old treasure but that soon turns into a race between them and Antonio Banderas’s character as stated above.

This amazing 2022 movie is based on Uncharted by Naughy Dog with a budget of 120 Million USD. If you’re looking for a good movie full of action, seriousness, along with some comedy thrown in, go see Uncharted in theaters now!