Dr. Ziegler Leaving Pottsgrove


Ashlee Landis

As many students and faculty already know, Pottsgrove High School’s principal, Dr. Ziegler has resigned from his job to go work for Apple as the leader of the Distinguished Schools Program. Today, he was interviewed one last time in order to gather his thoughts about his departure. 


Dr. Ziegler is a Pottsgrove School District alumni as he actually first started attending the school district in 1977 when he began Kindergarten. However, Dr. Ziegler first started working at Pottsgrove High School in 2002. Before obtaining the job as Pottsgrove High School’s Principal, he worked as a teacher, assistant principal, and a middle school principal. Dr Ziegler stated that his favorite memories as principal were, “any time he got to interact with students”.


When asked what his main goals for his future are, Dr. Ziegler responded with “I want to just continue having fun, treating others with kindness, and being a good person and contributing to society”. He also stated that the reason he decided to leave Pottsgrove was because he had “a new opportunity to make a difference throughout the world in a new way”.


Dr Ziegler said he would like to acknowledge “Mrs. Dolga for doing an awesome job with the newspaper, the faculty members, and the whole student body”. He also said “I want the students to know how proud I am and that I love them. If any of them see me in the community I want them to be able to come up to me and tell me how they’re doing”.


Pottsgrove High school will certainly miss Dr. Ziegler’s dad jokes on the announcements every day, but are proud of him for taking on new opportunities and wish him the best of luck!