Mr. Daney’s Departure from Pottsgrove


Ashlee Landis

Pottsgrove is expecting many big changes as Friday, March 25th will be Mr. Daney, Pottsgrove High School’s amazing vice principal’s last day. After working at Pottsgrove for 7 years, Mr. Daney is resigning from his job to work as a curriculum supervisor at a neighboring school district. Mr. Daney has much experience as a school administrator, as before Pottsgrove, he was a science teacher at both Downingtown and Exeter High School. An interview was conducted to gather Mr. Daney’s thoughts on this big change.


 When asked why he decided to make the choice to leave Pottsgrove’s faculty after 7 years, he said that this job was a “new opportunity” for him. “I don’t know my future goals,I’m not there yet. A lot of curricular decisions need to be done to build a good community,” he said. Mr. Daney also said he’d like to acknowledge the whole community, the teachers and faculty, and everything he and Dr. Ziegler had worked for in the last 7 years, “I’m really gonna miss it here, it’s definitely bittersweet to leave”. According to Daney, his favorite memories have been every single graduation that he’s ever attended during his time at Pottsgrove High School. 


To wrap up the interview, the last thing Daney said was generously directed towards the students and faculty “Thank you,” he said, “I’m not from Pottsgrove but I’ve been made to feel like I’m really part of the community”. It’s easy to conclude that all students are going to miss getting to see Mr. Daney every day, but are also very happy that he’s moving to new opportunities!