Batman Movie!

Logan Godshall

On March 4th, 2022, we got another movie added to the Batman franchise. Gotham City’s favorite hero is back to save the day with some interesting and perfect fitting actor choices. The very well known and loved actor, Robert Pattinson, was chosen to play the role of Batman. Pattinson is well known mostly for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. According to, “he’d been a fan of the character since his youth and wanted to do unique things with the character’s superhero and civilian identities that other films hadn’t touched on before.” His role in the movie was accompanied by Zoë Kravitz’s character, Selina Kyle. According to, Bruce and Selina met for the first time when Selina was attempting to steal back evidence in which was related to killings associated with the Riddler, who is played by Paul Dano. The role of Oswald Cobblepot, also known as Penguin, is played by Colin Farrell. Colin has played big parts in movies like The Gentlemen, Total Recall, and Daredevil, as examples. His character, Oswald, is a well known villain especially in the comics. Another character is District attorney Gil Colson. His character is played by Peter Sarsgaard. He has played in movies such as Orphan, Green Lantern, and The Lost Daughter. His character is a political one as well as, according to, a target for the riddler. The movie has a 4.1 star rating as well as an 85% on rotten tomatoes. Some everyday people have reviewed it as “a perfect batman movie.”, “If you are a fan of Batman, this is probably one of the best films you have watched.”, and “It is very dark but just an all-around amazing and brilliant movie!” Directed by Matt Reeves came out a brilliant movie full of amazing characters played by a great selection of actors and actresses.