New Mask Mandate?

New Mask Mandate?

Ashlee Landis

Pottsgrove High School has recently changed the rules about wearing masks at school. The previous rule was that students and faculty must be wearing a mask over their nose and mouth at all times. However, the rule has been changed stating that students and faculty may make the choice on their own whether they want to wear the mask or not.

Some people feel that masks are worn for the safety of others, and people should continue to use them. However, others feel that they shouldn’t have to wear a mask if they don’t feel like it. There’s even some people in between who feel like you should only have to wear your mask if you’re unvaccinated.

Alyssa Broughton, a 7th grader had a bit to say about this possibility, “The rates are finally coming down,’ she says, “by making masks optional it’s going to make the rates go up more leading to virtual options”.

Cameron Wanish, a 10th grader at Pottsgrove High School also felt this way. “I just think it’s not that great of an idea,” she said, “I think it’s dangerous because there is still kids getting sent home left and right, and even when masks were required. I just think it puts more people at risk”.

Many different students attending the school feel very differently, but the one thing everyone can agree on is that it’s definitely a change seeing faces when we haven’t since 2020.