Beauty and the Beast Survey

Beauty and the Beast Survey

Ashlee Landis

  As many people may know, Pottsgrove High School will be putting on a production of Beauty and the Beast this year! The performance dates will be March 31st – April 2nd at 7:00pm. To get the ideas and opinions of the people who would be acting in the musical, a poll was conducted.

70.6% of people who voted on this poll were in either 10th or 11th grade. Not so many people who voted were in other grades, only 11.8% were in 9th grade and 17.6% were in 12th.

The data shows that what most people in Beauty and the Beast enjoy most is making friends, because 47.1% of people voted for this instead of; performing, learning, and other. Surprisingly, only 35.3% of people said that they most like performing, which is interesting because everyone who took the survey was performing. On the other hand, when asked what they enjoy least about the musical, it was tied between; long rehearsals and performing in front of an audience, both having 17.6% of votes. Singing was voted 11.6% and dancing 5.9%. 

When asked what they found most difficult about the musical, 47.1% of students voted keeping confidence, 29.4% voted other, 17.6% voted practicing, and 5.9% voted performing in front of an audience. Luckily, no one voted making friends.

Many things were very surprising in doing this poll. One thing that was very shocking was how 47.1%(the majority) voted that they most liked making friends instead of performing. This data helps because it shows a reason why a student would audition for the musical, and may help the staff navigate in the future.

Overall, many things were learned about the cast of Pottsgrove’s production. It was very interesting to find out what they liked the most or least, found most difficult, and more. People should carry this data in their minds when they go and see the show!