Pottsgrove Swimming


Ben Drago

Swimming is a winter sport at Pottsgrove High School. The first practice was November 11 and the first meet was on December 14 at Springford High School. The school does not have a place to meet however, so all of the swim meets occur at other schools. This commute time allows the team to become more connected and unified. The team is currently preparing for districts. This year they will take place at Perk Valley High School and it is a two day event. Swimmers must reach a specific time to qualify for this honor. From Pottsgrove, Declan Keener, Molly Krock, and Bailey Richards have all reached the consideration time for districts. For swimming there are regular meets which are typically a head to head versus another school. There are also tri-meets which consist of three schools competing against each other. This season there were two tri-meets at PJP and Methacton. Points are given for every place except for last and it’s split by gender.

The team has many seniors who just recently celebrated their senior night. While the girls team has a 3-6 record within the PAC, senior Sarah Chapman brings passion to every meet.  She says, “Even though I am not able to swim I still enjoy watching all my teammates experience the sport that I love firsthand.” She swam in the first meet but hurt her shoulder in the second meet. She was given the choice to get an MRI and surgery or push through the season. Simply put, her options were to swim in pain or not swim at all. She decided to push through since it’s her senior year and get the MRI after the season. However, the injury has prevented her from competing at many meets. Her persistence and encouragement is ringing true to the girls team. They recorded the most wins in the last 5 years for the girls swim team program at Pottsgrove High School. Make sure to cheer on the team as they prepare for districts and beyond!