Harry Potter Survey

Grace Novitski

A Harry Potter survey, that is anonymous, was sent out to PGHS students to see how many of them know of Harry Potter, and why it means so much to them. This survey was sent out to 20 Pottsgrove High School students. Out of those 20 responders, 30% are freshman, 25% are sophomores, 15% are juniors, and 25% are seniors. 50% of those students watch the series occasionally, 15% rarely watch it, 20% often watch it, and 15% of students watch it always. That data shows me that students watch this series because it could be their personal favorite, some students take the time to watch it almost everyday. 

Harry Potter has been out since November 14, 2001, meaning that it’s had some time to get plenty of attention. Why is it that high school students are still viewing these books and movies? Well, this series is a lot of students’ comfort movie, they watch this movie because it gives off this comforting feeling. They feel as Hogwarts is an environment that wouldn’t be like regular school. It takes away the stress and anxiety that teens have everyday. For example, after asking, “What makes the Harry Potter series special to you?” A student wrote, “Everything about it feels like home.Same with,  “The escapism it provides while immersing you in not only a world full of fantasy and magic but also an environment in which that feels plausible or like it could’ve actually happened.Those responses provide evidence that the Harry Potter series actually helps students with issues that they go through everyday, whether that’s anxiety, or stress. 

This survey showed me how much a series could affect someone’s mental health, in a positive way. These movies/books provide an escape for anyone who needs one, they are an overall amazing story.