Watch or Play Sports?

Mykala Shupard

A survey was conducted to know whether students like to play or watch sports more. The survey was sent to 165 Pottsgrove High school students. Out of the 165 responses, 21% were freshman, 30% were sophomores, 15% were juniors, and 32% were seniors. Fifty-one percent of students who took the survey were females and forty-five percent were males. 

Out of 165 responses 31% of students said no, and 68% said yes they do play a sport. 

Out of those respondents 34% like to play and watch sports equally, and 38% of the answers said they’d prefer to play sports instead of watching them on the Tv. When asked what was their favorite sport to watch, 37% of people said football. Then in second with 16% was basketball and the bottom three were Ice Hockey, Wrestling, and Boxing. 

The reason why it was their favorite sport, the top answer was how entertaining it is with 34% of answers. Then the least popular reason for why it was their favorite was how aggressive it is. 

Almost one quarter of respondents watch four or more hours of national sports a week, and more than half of the students watch one to two hours per week. This was shown that student would rather play than watch sports.