Movie Survey Article

Ellie Sheller

  A survey was taken in the whole Pottsgrove Community about movies. A total of 138 people took the survey. The purpose of this survey was to see people’s perspectives on movies and their opinions on movie-related topics. Questions asked were how often do you go to the movie theater?, what is the best movie you have seen recently?, what is your most-used streaming service?, what is your favorite 2022 award-nominated movie?, who is your favorite 2022 nominated actress?, and lastly, who is your favorite 2022 nominated actor?. 60% of people said that they only go to the movie theater sometimes, which was not surprising. Almost half of the survey takers said that the best movie they have seen recently is “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. This was the least surprising response, due to the fact that it became the sixth highest-grossing movie in history after making $1.69 billion globally. 67% of people said that Netflix is their most-used streaming service, which was also a predictable response. Zero people said that Disney+, Peacock, or Paramount+ are their most used streaming services. 30% of respondents said that Dune is their favorite 2022 nominated movie, not surprisingly as it is also a big box office movie. West Side Story followed Dune with 25%. No respondents said their favorite 2022 nominated movie was Belfast, CODA, The Power of the Dog, or Cyrano. This was unsurprising because they don’t get talked about as much as the bigger box office films. 40% of voters said their favorite 2022 nominated actress is Emma Stone for her performance in Cruella, followed by Jennifer Lawrence for her performance in Don’t Look Up. No one voted for Olivia Colman for her performance in The Lost Daughter, which was interesting because neither Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence received an Oscar nomination for their performances, but Olivia Colman did. Unsurprisingly, 56% of voters voted Andrew Garfield for his performance in Tick, Tick… Boom! as their favorite 2022 nominated actor, followed by Will Smith for his Academy Award nominated performance in King Richard. None of these responses were very surprising to me, because people in high school are more likely to only really know and enjoy the bigger names and the more popular movies. These results are what was expected from this survey. The biggest takeaway from this survey is that high schoolers are not film critics, and they are more likely to enjoy what is popular and more accessible.