Pottsgrove’s Most Popular Sport: Football

Adriana Kennedy

   The most popular sport in Pottsgrove was very clearly determined, based on a survey sent out to our Pottsgrove students their responses were dependent on what is the determined most popular sport. With 36.5% voted, football was the most popular! 

   Even though football was the majority of voters’ favorite, many people had a lot of other sports that they love and for various reasons as well. Other pretty popular sports within the Pottsgrove district with over 20 votes are soccer, basketball, baseball and/or softball, and volleyball! Majority of voters said that their favorite sport was all of the above entertaining to watch, for the basic reason that they play their chosen sport, and even interested in learning more. It was stated that many of our students play a sport both inside and outside of school, which most likely affected their responses.

   While acknowledging the most popular sport, there’s also the least popular sport. Within the list of sports the least voted sport was golf. There were also different responses with other sports typed in that only had 1 vote in total! 

   Many students had various opinions about sports in general. Certain people stated that they don’t like sports at all, but others gave their opinion as “I think everyone should give sports a try, and once they decide whether they like it or not; they can decide whether to stick with it or not.” Another anonymous student said “I think liking the sport and enjoying playing it are two separate parts of the same coin.” 

   After seeing all the feedback and responses with the survey containing the information on this topic, I was not surprised with the results. I think football is a very popular sport for not only the players but also the students that watch the games. School football games give students an after school event to look forward to while spending time with friends and having a fun time overall. It’s a great way to meet new people and make great memories!