Variety Of Genres in Music

Jotella Opokwu

A survey has been conducted and sent out to Pottsgrove High School students and teachers. This survey was based on a Variety of Genres in Music. Based on this information, 96 respondents have taken this survey. Of those 96, 14 are seniors, 19 are juniors, 38 are sophomores, 23 are freshmen, and 2 were teachers. 


Within the first question of this survey, I have asked the respondents, “What music genre do they like to listen to?” Of the 96 respondents, 71.9% (69) of the respondents say they like the genre Pop & Rap. In the lower responses, 4.2% (4)  of the respondents say that Afrobeats is their favorite genre to listen to. Based on this conduction, I wouldn’t say that results aren’t surprising. Based on observations of the students in this school, most of us stick to trendy songs and genres which obviously rap & pop culture have big influences on these students. However, I was surprised that people actually listened to Afrobeats. Even though I know the number was going to be low it is still interesting to see that people actually listen to this genre. 


In the second question, I asked the respondents, “Why do you listen to this genre?” Of those 96 respondents, the majority of the respondents (56) say that they “just listen to the music, nothing more than that.” However, 35 of those respondents actually say that it “soothes them & they understand this genre more”. The polls for this specific question actually surprised me as I thought a majority of the respondents would actually understand the genre they listen to more than just listening to it. 

Moving on to the third question, I then have asked the respondents, “ How frequently do they listen to their preferred genre?” A huge majority of the respondents (89) have listened to their preferred genre very frequently. On the other hand, 1 single respondent has said they rarely listen to their favorite genre. As this question has been conducted, we can assume that most of the respondents listen to their favorite genre, frequently. 


Lastly, I ask the respondents, “How has this genre specifically helped you?” Going on neck and neck, 88% (81) of the respondents say that their preferred genre “Helps them get through my day,” and “Relieves their stress.” I definitely understand why both of these options are how they are based on the fact that music sometimes is the only escape people have. Based on that, to have a genre that you can comfortably listen to throughout your day or relieve you from any stress you face can be very helpful. Overall, throughout this survey, we can tell that these Genre’s our fellow peers listen to are beneficial for all.