Grace Novitski

Next week PGHS will be starting midterms! Grades 9-12 will have two hours to complete their class midterm. Your core classes will take up 10% of your grade, your electives will take up 7.5% of your grade.

This year PGHS will be doing something differently. Instead of having your testing hours then an early dismissal, we’ll be having a full day of school. After testing, we will be going back on a regular schedule. Ben Drago, a junior at PGHS says, “I don’t like how Pottsgrove is giving us a full day. We’ll test for two hours then go right back to class for more work. Then we’ll repeat that for every class. I feel as if it’s a lot on us.” Many students don’t agree with the regular day schedule. It’s always been a half day and some students prefer it to stay a half day. 

Adriana Kennedy, a freshman at PGHS says, “I think the schedule is really unorganized. It’s putting a lot of pressure and stress on students. We have to worry about all the other classes after we take our tests, it’s unfair.” After our midterm exams we’re expected to go straight back to class. Although teachers are not allowed to hand out any new work, we are supposed to make up assignments. 

There are many opinions on the week of midterms. We’ll see how this plays out soon, good luck!