Christmas Traditions

Logan Godshall

With Christmas in a couple weeks, everyone is getting ready for Santa to make his way to their home! With that being said, so many families do the same traditions and activities. However, there are definitely families who do it by their own book!

According to, There are all sorts of things that families do the same and different. For example, it’s well known that most people and families wait to open their presents on Christmas day, usually right in the morning, after the coffee of course. Some families actually open their gifts on Christmas Eve! 

Though some families might do the basic things like baking, opening presents and eating Christmas dinner, some even making gingerbread houses, there are a ton of other activities that you can do as a family to make it more fun! With ideas collected from, there are so many options for any family. Starting with the idea of advent calendars. Sure yeah you can go out and buy one at the store but what if you made it yourself for someone else? “One of my favorite holiday traditions is adding to our ornament collection.” That quote came from Jeanine Hays. Just like going out and buying an advent calendar, go out and buy or find around your house materials you can use to make your own or finding some that represent a goal you met or just something that meant something to you that past year. 

There are so many fun and different ways to spend your holiday season. From making ornaments to designing your own advent calendar for someone. There is always something there to help bring the family together!