Marry Me

Ethan Chambers

Set to release on Valentine’s Day, “Marry Me” follows the lives of two hopeless romantics searching for love. One a global pop star sensation. The other, a high school math teacher. When the two lovers cross paths they are forced to work out a spontaneous marriage between one another, causing tons of drama and pulled heartstrings. With a grand cast including Owen Wilson, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Silverman, and Michelle Buteau, this movie is definitely going to be interesting. 

Understandably, the plot has drawn in fans due to it’s uncanny relationship to the 1999

film, Notting Hill, starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. I really thought this Marry Me movie was fake. It’s LITERALLY NOTTING HILL BUT THE MUSIC VERSION,” says one fan. Yes, these films may be similar, and yes they have the same plot, but let’s just hope that they aren’t too similar. If they are, ratings could definitely plummet. 

What’s ironic about this film is that even though it’s fiction, there are still multiple things that relate to Lopez’s life at the moment. “This movie was very personal for me,” says Lopez. “I really understood this life. Kat Valdez is a recording artist. She’s been famous and in the business for a long time. She’s had some ups and downs in her personal life.-” For example, her newest relationship with Ben Affleck. Sound’s a lot similar to the plot of the movie, only Affleck isn’t a math teacher. While fan’s should definitely look forward to seeing this movie, it seems clear that it’s not all that original. Are we sure this is even a movie? Or is it a biography of Jennifer Lopez?