Pottsgrove Dress Code

Pottsgrove Dress Code

Ashlee Landis


At Pottsgrove High School, it may be unknown to a lot of students that there is actually a relatively strict dress code. This can be found in the student handbook and in other places. An issue at hand is that many students are unaware of this code and could be dress coded at random times. On the other hand, if the school is really serious about the dress code, then why is it that many students are unaware of it? Many students disagree that there should be a strict dress code in the first place, arguing that it mainly targets female students who may be having the right to dress how they want taken from them. Other students feel that the dress code is protecting students from causing distractions with what they wear.


Cameron Wanish, A Pottsgrove Sophomore had a very specific view on this topic. “Students should have the right to dress however they want,” she said, “The people who claim that bodies are distracting are usually just all boys who can’t focus on their work because they’re too busy being disgustingly distracted by ‘shoulders’. All students deserve the right to express themselves with clothing”. 


Another Sophomore, who opted to remain anonymous, had different opinions on the dress code. “As much as I feel that people should be able to express themselves, I also think that rules are made for a reason. In most professional settings you have to dress in the proper attire, so why not in school? All schools have a dress code so Pottsgrove isn’t implementing anything unfair to students’.


As seen, many students have different concerns and views about the dress code. Some agreeing that students should be dressed in an appropriate manner for school, and others believing that students deserve the right to express themselves however they feel comfortable.