Tale As Old As Time

Sydney Renner

After three years without a musical, Pottsgrove High School prepares to perform the tale as old as time, Beauty & The Beast! Prepare to be whisked away into a beautiful French village, where audiences will follow a fairytale full of magic and true love. This broadway classic was adapted from the beloved Disney princess movie, Beauty and The Beast. For those who are unfamiliar with the tale, Beauty and The Beast shares the story of an unkind prince who was magically transformed into a displeasing creature as punishment for his poor behavior. To transform back to his human form, he must change his ways and learn to love. Little does the Beast know he will be changed by a bright, beautiful, peculiar young woman who stumbles upon his enchanted castle. 

The high school’s musical directors held auditions for the production from November 8, 2021, to November 10, 2021. Never before have I seen a group of theater students as excited, prepared, supportive, and dedicated during auditions. Freshman, Ethan Chambers, auditioned for the show and exclaimed, “The energy was high! We all supported one another and that flow of good energy couldn’t have been more appreciated”. Auditionees were asked to come to audition night number one with music memorized and positive attitudes. Students did exactly that! As they waited to audition, students helped each other with music, were supportive of each other, and kept positive, clear minds. Night two, dance night, was the same way! This year’s choreographer, Ms. Autumn Philips, excitingly taught the auditionees a number that was rather complex compared to the Chicken Dance or Cotten Eyed Joe. Still, students thrived on stage—helping each other with moves and showing their true talents through the memorable dance. Night three, callbacks, was when select students came to showcase further flair and forte in vocal and acting abilities. Directors searched for compatible pairs and emotional connections to their assigned characters in each scene. Yet again, students presented first-rate caliber. For directors, it came down to specific details in performances for final casting decisions.  

Auditionees waited in anticipation for the directors to post the final cast list that Friday, November 12, after school. Frantically refreshing their screens every five minutes, friends and teachers searched for the results. FINALLY! Thrilled cheers came from the remaining students who stayed after school! Calls of congratulations came from family, friends, and teachers! The wait was finally over and the auditionees couldn’t have been more proud of each other! The cast list, theater schedule, director contacts, and extra information regarding the show and crew can be found on the PGHS Theater Company website

With any questions regarding Beauty and The Beast, please email director Ms. Fritshaffer ([email protected])! The theater production is also in need of stage crew members! Senior, Naysa Felix, has been performing in Pottsgrove Productions for years. She encourages students to join the crew stating, “I think anyone who’s debating on joining the stage crew should join! It’s a great experience to be a part of a large project and very rewarding to see the final product on stage!” There are many different roles a part of the crew including makeup & hair, set building, lighting, sound operation, backstage, costumes, and more! Those interested in stage crew should contact the stage crew director, Mrs. Daly ([email protected]). It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that the theater proudly presents Beauty and The Beast. We will continue posting updates regarding the musical as the show date inches closer. The cast will perform from March 31, 2022, to April 2, 2022. Congratulations and good luck to the cast and crew!