Start of Winter Sports

Adriana Kennedy

Fall sports come to an end, and so the winter season begins. The winter sports include swimming, track, bowling, wrestling, and a boys and girls basketball team. Each sport has its own schedule for tryouts, practices, and games.

As of this moment, the boys basketball team has just made the cuts and now have their official roster of players, getting physically and mentally prepared to start the season! The coach, Mr. Myers expresses how he is excited to train the players and start the basketball season with a strong team.

The girls basketball team is still looking for girls to fill their roster, they currently have seven strong players and are looking for more athletes to complete the team. If interested in playing, please contact the coaches! Freshman, Aleah Rockemore, says “I’m super excited to be able to start varsity as a freshman because I get the chance to face more competition with the older girls.”

 I encourage you to come out for scheduled games to support our Grove’s winter sport athletes!