Adele is Back!

Carlee Dattilo

Adele is back! After not releasing any new music since 2015, Adele is now back and better than ever. She has recently released her new album “30” on November 19. A single from the album, “Easy on Me” was released on November 15 and got over 54 million streams while hitting No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart. After reaching such an amazing achievement with that single, Adele has made “30” the best-selling album of the year with over 500,000 copies sold within only 3 days of being released. 

Before the album release on November 14, Adele held a “One Night Only” concert to build up the excitement for the album and to give her fans and peers a sneak peek at the songs. The audience was filled with any A-list celebrity you could think of, from Lizzo to Selena Gomez to Gordon Ramsey to Seth Rogan and so many more, this was definitely a night Adele will remember forever. To blow these stars away, Adele stood stunningly up on the stage in her Schiaparelli black gown, using her incredible voice while performing many of her amazing hits, such as Hello, Rolling In the Deep, Someone Like You, and so many more. 

Another part of this “One Night Only” special is the sit-down Oprah Winfrey interview. This was an overall very calm interview, that really just looked like a conversation between two peers. Adele became very transparent while talking to Oprah about many personal topics. She opened up about her son, her relationship with her father, her recent weight loss, and the main concept of her album, which is her divorce. Adele tells of her longing for the perfect family, and how she tried for so long to stay with her husband for the sake of her son, but could no longer do it. “I was just so disappointed for my son. I was so disappointed for myself, and I thought I was gonna be the one that stopped doing these bloody patterns all the time” said Adele about her decision to get a divorce. Besides her divorce, Adele’s weight loss was the biggest talk all over social media when she returned. In her conversation, Oprah brought up her weight loss, to which Adele responded saying that she wasn’t even trying to lose weight. “I was just trying to sort me own life out” she said when explaining that all she did was stop drinking and started a workout routine to get her life back on track and get herself healthy.

Adele opening up publicly in such a calm manner was a great thing for both her and her fans. She really poured her heart out in not just the interview, but in her album. “30” was created as a way for her son to understand her and why she made the decision to divorce her husband, and she even features her son’s voice in one of her songs “My Little Love”. These topics get very heavy, and have been pulling a lot of people’s heartstrings, so be sure to keep a box of tissues nearby when enjoying Adele’s “30”.