Death On The Nile

Ethan Chambers

Based on the 1937 Agatha Christie novel, “Death On The Nile” follows the adventures of innocent people searching for a good time in ancient Egypt. Filled with twists and turns, backstabbing and love triangles, this movie is sure to be one for the ages!

With a star studded cast including Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Russell Brand, and the director himself, Kenneth Branagh, fans have some questioning thoughts on how the movie may be perceived. According to Variety, many concerns involving Armie Hammer have been made about the recent allegations against him. “ The prominent thorn in the rosy picture,” Variety calls him. Also a concern for the production is the leading woman herself, Gal Gadot. Due to a post recently uploaded by the actress, many are concerned about her relationship with Israel and her propaganda with the country, potentially causing controversy on the set with fellow cast members. And then there’s Russell Brand, who from drugs to marriage has caused many problems throughout his career. 

“The film has been delayed repeatedly, largely as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic-” says Looper. As if the entire cast wasn’t an issue within itself, now comes the fact that Covid-19 is playing a part in the movie’s pushed back release date. Originally meant to be released in 2019, by the time this movie comes out it will have been close to 3 years since the original production process began. Although this movie may sound very interesting, it seems like everything that could go wrong with this production has. Who knows what’s to come next! If this movie continues to dwindle away from the big screen, then there might even be a chance the movie will die before the first murder is committed.