Are Asynchronous Wednesdays Being Brought Back? (VIDEO)


Delaney Rice

The talk of asynchronous Wednesdays being brought back has been a popular discussion in our school. The reason for this sudden debate about whether they should be brought back or not started because of fellow student, Kenna Thompson. Kenna decided to start an in person and an online petition to bring back asynchronous Wednesdays because she believes that students need a day to clear their head from school work and stress. In the video above I was able to interview students, Ethan Chambers, and Jotella Opokwu about their opinions about asynchronous Wednesdays. I also got the chance to interview Kenna Thompson, the creator of the online and in person petition to bring back asynchronous Wednesdays. Click play on the video above to see students’ opinions and to get information about why this petition was created so you could form your own opinion about this matter.