An Upcoming Combined Concert Arrives at Pottsgrove High School


Jotella Opokwu

As the holidays approach, Pottsgrove begins its festivities with a combined concert! Students prepare for the awaited concert on Tuesday, December 8th, which is being conducted by William Einhorn. The performers have a dress rehearsal from six to eight pm, which is the day before the actual concert. This allows the students to be prepared and have time to shine! A week before rehearsal, the orchestra has evening rehearsals at the middle school.  After the continuous hard work and dedication each performer has made, they are finally ready to spread their hard work and talent, and showcase it at the concert! 

The Pottsgrove High School combined concert begins with a couple of the songs being performed at the concert, which are: Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo 12/24, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Jingle Bells Gone Wrong, Fidelio Overture, and Do You Hear What I Hear? This specific combined concert consists of people within the high school band, orchestra, and choir. A student, Guiliana Langton advised people to come to the concert, stating, “It will be a lot of fun.” Another local student, Faith Derstine, states that “I hope everyone is able to come to this concert, because of the issues with Covid, we were not able to showcase our hard work as we are able to do so now.” If you are excited and interested in this upcoming concert, come along and attend on December 8th!