Senior Night


Grace Novitski


Senior night at Pottsgrove High school is a bittersweet night of goodbyes, farewells, and see you laters. It is the night we recognize our seniors and say goodbye. On October 15, 2021, we witnessed PG seniors walk out on the field, prior to the football game, as we wished them well on their journey after High School graduation. 


We celebrated our senior football players, cheerleaders, and members of the band as they bid their farewells to Pottsgrove High School. Emotions were at an all time high as the stadium filled with cheers and applause. Many people love the idea of this night, just being able to see students who have grown into young adults walk the same field they did as a freshman. 


Some of the seniors are Dashawna Harper, Sydney Renner, Tyler Kuafman, Shane Caffrey, and Nadia Jackson. That night was a night to remember, as tears, laughs, and smiles filled the PGHS stadium. Goodbye and good luck to our Pottsgrove seniors!