Pottsgrove’s Reward System


Ashlee Landis

Pottsgrove High School has come up with a system called “positive principal referrals” to reward students who are actively demonstrating The Falcon 4. The way it works is a teacher will report the eligible student to the principal and they will then come to the classroom and reward the student by taking their picture. Many students and faculty have different opinions on this new system. Some have even stated that it reminds them of a system they had in elementary school where they handed out golden tickets!

Landon Conrad, a Pottsgrove sophomore is all for this system. “I think that the idea is a great way to reward those following our school policies and slightly incentivize doing so in the process,” he says. “ I do think that the actual process of handing out slips is not very great  where it stands. Most people have no clue about them, including myself  for a large portion of this school year. So I think the idea is good, it could just use some work.

Another Pottsgrove sophomore, who wished to remain anonymous, felt differently about the system and had much to say. “The slips being handed out make it seem like there are students who don’t deserve them. Every day I see at least 5 people following the Falcon 4 but only a select few get the slips when there should be more,” they state. “Some students think they deserve them because they follow the rules and are good role model students but the principals and people who hand them out don’t see them. They only see the people they want to see.”

As stated, there’s many different opinions about positive principal referrals. Clearly a lot of students have many ideas about it but in the long run, it seems that everyone is just glad to be back in school, with or without incentives!