Britney Spears is finally freed!

Ashley Castillo

After 13 long years of many fans worrying about the wellbeing of their favorite pop star, Britney Spears, she has finally been set free from her father, Jamie Spears. This all started in 2008, when Jamie made a petition to have temporary conservatorship over his daughter after some of her visits in the hospital and rehab, meaning that he had control over her estate, financial affairs, and decisions about her career. Later in the year the conservatorship would be extended indefinitely. Britney would continue to work despite her father having full control.

After years of working under her fathers control, in June and July of 2021, Britney made a testimony claiming she was drugged and forced to perform. Eventually getting tired of it she decided to petition to end it in order to have more children and get married. Jamie Spears had mentioned that he would stop being involved but did not state when, Britney’s new lawyer believes that he should have been removed immediately. Finally in September 2021, Robert Bordelon told supporters that Britney was now free. After hearing this news, according to the New York Times, fans started jumping and cheering for joy. Britney was seen going on a helicopter ride to celebrate this good news.