Grace Novitski


October 16, 2021, Pottsgrove High School will be hosting a fall ball at Sunnybrook! It’s open to any students in Pottsgrove or other schools, tickets run at 45$. If you want to bring a friend that does not go to Pottsgrove, you must fill out a paper. The fall ball will run 5-8:00 pm, outside of Sunnybrook. With many votes, the theme is now masquerade. 


Kaidence Lenhardt, a freshman at Pottsgrove, likes the idea of the dance but disagrees with one thing. “I feel as if the ticket price should be a lot less than 45$. I feel like many students may not have been able to receive 45$ out of nowhere, meaning they won’t be able to experience a high school dance.” Maybe if tickets were lowered, many more students would come out next Saturday. Students may not be able to experience their, possibly, first high school dance. 


Makaila Warrick, a sophomore at Pottsgrove, actually really enjoys the idea of this ball being masquerade themed. “I think it’s cool that this ball won’t be another regular dance. People can dress up in many different styles. It’ll be cool to see how people will take on the masquerade theme.” Masquerade is a very common, liked, theme. Students will be able to do their own add ons to their outfits. 


Overall, this dance will be a fun night. With agreements, or disagreements, many people will be at this dance. It seems this dance will be a night full of memories!