Delaney Rice

Pottsgrove High School’s students and staff all love spirit week!  The week of homecoming, 9-20-21 to 9-24-21, was also spirit week for the Pottsgrove High School where students dress according to the themed days. If students participated and posted a picture on instagram, and tag the student council page, they got points for color day. From Freshman, Cole Strunk, “As my first spirit week at the high school, I loved it and I am excited for color day!” 


Monday was Merica’ Monday—students and staff dressed in red, white, and blue, along with other American themed clothing and accessories. Tuesday was Tropical Tuesday—this was the day that most people dressed up to fit the theme, with tropical tourist shirts and some even wore swim trunks! Wednesday was western Wednesday—people wore flannels, cowboy hats, and jeans, but it was also picture day, so if you’re wondering why so many people are wearing flannels in the yearbook that might be why! Thursday was throwback Thursday—the freshmen were to dress up in 60s attire, the sophomores wore the 70s, the juniors wore the 80s, and the seniors dressed up in 90s attire. The last day of the week was Falcon Friday—the day to flaunt your school spirit and to wear some maroon and other school colors. 


This spirit week was fun for all grades and all staff! Definitely a great way to start off the school year after a pretty wild year and a half! From Senior, Sydney Renner, “It’s always exciting seeing everybody dress up and have fun and it’s definitely something I’m going to miss”. If you want to take a look at some more pictures from Spirit week, take a look at the highlights on @pghs_studentcouncil ‘s instagram page. Don’t forget to stay tuned on The Falcon for more articles about Pottsgrove High School!