Arts & Crafts Club In Pottsgrove High School!


Jotella Opokwu

As Pottsgrove High School begins to reopen, the Arts & Crafts Club starts to influence more and more people to join! Art is versatile and allows you to express different emotions and opinions throughout each piece. Art, therefore, allows us to be able to understand more about ourselves and the others that surround us. Within the Pottsgrove Arts & Crafts Club, students are able to create crafts and even sew! This allows the students to truly express themselves within each creative design that they make! 


   Not only does this club allow you to be able to sew and craft, but it also gives people the opportunity to sell items that they have created for Homecoming! This is in case students are not able to buy anything fabric or items for the Homecoming events. This specific club is a great way for students to really find themselves. Jermaine Kennedy, a local freshman in Pottsgrove High School, explains how art influences his life. “It helps me get through my day,” he says. According to, “Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values, and translating experiences across space and time. Research has shown art affects the fundamental sense of self.” So not only is this a wonderful club to relax and have fun in, this club will definitely get you through your day!