London Crosswalks Get New Beautiful Technicolor Murals

Emmaleigh Kulp

  The British Nigerian designer, Yinka Ilori, gives 11 crosswalks in London a wonderfully vibrant redesign. The technicolor designs consist of neon colors like lime green, orange, fuschia, purple, and electric blue with a dark aqua blue surrounding the entire image. The lockdown caused by the pandemic helped inspire him to come up with the idea. He also did a color block playground for adults at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and it was titled “Playland”.

   Ilori based the art piece on the communal spirit of the city. He explained that the geometric shapes and how they are interwoven with each other, specifically the parallel lines, is a representation of people coming together and interlinking with one another even if it’s unintentional. The main goal of making this mural is to attract tourists to the city in hopes of boosting its tourism industry. This article was inspired by Leah Dolan’s article on the CNN website.