Week 3 Recap: NFL

Ben Drago

Week 3 in the NFL was filled with upsets, history making field goals, and a 109 yard kick return. It was definitely a week for the record books. Special teams plays and game winning field goals likely occupy most of the highlight reel for week 3. Justin Tucker broke the record for the longest field goal in NFL history at 66 yards. The historic kick decided the close game between the Lions and the Ravens. Ryan Van Bramer (a student at Pottsgrove High School) said, “As a Ravens fan, I love seeing players on my team make history, it made me ecstatic.” The 109 yard kick return tied the record for the longest play in the NFL and gave the Jaguars a temporary lead over the undefeated Cardinals. The other remaining undefeated teams are the Broncos, Raiders, Panthers, and Rams.

However, not all undefeated teams are created equal. In the AFC West which consists of the Chargers, Raiders, Broncos, and the Chiefs; the Raiders are 3-0 and all their wins have come from playoff teams. However, the Broncos have beaten teams with 8 combined wins in the 2020 season. The Rams and the Cardinals remain contenders due to their offenses propelling them to victory. Through the addition of Matthew Stafford, the Rams have been able to start the season 3-0. The Panthers, who have started 3-0, are being led by Sam Darnold who was newly added to the team during the offseason. In the NFC East, the Cowboys are making an impressive comeback. With a 2-1 record, they are atop of the division and clearly look like the most dominant team in the NFC East. Teams like the Chiefs and Buccaneers have started the season off stagnant and losing to teams that they would’ve previously beaten. They are not the only playoff team struggling. In week 3 only 50% of last year’s playoff teams won. That percentage is down from only 57% in week two and up from 42% in week one. Considering these statistics, fans are skeptical of many former playoff teams’ dismal performance. 

Likely to rebound, the Kansas City Chiefs remain last in their division. Their Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, said, “A little adversity never hurts.” By maintaining a professional attitude it is clear that their 4th year quarterback is looking ahead to improve their team. Many of these struggling playoff teams are resilient and likely to make the playoffs in January. However this week exposed the weaknesses in previously dominant teams. Through offseason trades & adjustments, NFL teams have vastly improved causing the seismic shift of dominance just beginning to form in Week 3.