Art at Home

November 20, 2020


With school being moved to home, the questions arose, how are students going to do their art classes. With art classes such as painting, drawing, and ceramics, some classes may be easier than others to get supplies. The teachers were able to quickly come up with a solution, having students come to the school to pick up their art supplies, along with all other supplies that other teachers needed to hand out. There were multiple dates scheduled, so if you missed a date you had another chance to get supplies.

But even though students were able to get their supplies, it would still prove very difficult to complete art classes at home. Without that in class hand, would students be able to successfully complete their work? That’s a question that still hasn’t been one hundred percent answered. Having to find videos and learn all the techniques, without a set example could be hard to work with. But students are still happy to be getting that in class effect, because they have hands on work to do.

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