Pandemic Impact on Mental Health

December 7, 2020

During this pandemic, a lot of people are having trouble with themselves being healthy physically and mentally.  People who have mental health issues have especially been impacted in a negative way. Quarantine resulted in a lack of support and stability, resources and specialists are hard to get in touch with in a private environment. Individuals with toxic family members have it specially rough during this time. People are cut off from friends who are their safety net. The meaning of this quote is that the family you chose is far stronger than the one you are born with.  People shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. It can be scary going through this alone but even more scary being vulnerable and admitting you need help. Tabitha Paul, a girl from Pottstown High School, said, “ You don’t have to struggle in silence.” The meaning of this quote is that no one should go through hard times alone. As you can see, lots of people have trouble this year because of the mental issues. With mental health issues people are not able to focus easily because they want to make sure they are healthy mentally so they don’t really focus on  other things. Mental health issues gotten worse now that people with mental illnesses can not go talk to someone about it with privacy.

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